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Just Argan
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Naturally designed to restore the luminous glow to your skin, this “Moroccan miracle oil” harnesses the anti-aging effects of vitamin E and the hydrating power of essential fatty acids to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. Although an oil, Argan oil will not clog pores and beautifully balances sebum to help clear acne and blemishes.

Apply only a small amount of Just Argan Natural Oil to your face and neck area daily at bedtime after your cleansing regimen (instead of your night cream). Your face will feel gorgeous and fully hydrated in the morning.

Use Argan oil for all types of skin.


"Feeling rejuvenated and fresh, this is what Just Argan Natural Oil has brought to my face"
-Sally Woodrich

1.7 fl oz - 50 ml             $29.99